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The problem: Too many things to memorize, too many places to keep them…

  • Personal docs, bills, invoices, contracts, memos, lists, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards and many more;
  • No common way or place to keep important things;
  • Often we cannot recall in the right time.

The Solution: Mokobi 2Remember


  • 2Remember is the most powerful way to store documents, take notes, maintain diary and organize archives - at work or at home;
  • Record the full context - not just photos, text, video and audio, but also the people involved, location and events at that time;
  • Use your phone/tablet/PC to store documents and archives - meetings, memos, ideas, documents, business, work, lists, licenses, certificates, ID cards, diplomas, prescriptions, warranty cards, tax notices, bills, contracts, tickets, travel docs, diary (logbook) and many more;
  • Store photos, videos, audio notes, text notes and documents of your private and professional life;
  • Share archives and logbook records to family, friends and colleagues (if you want);
  • 2Remember quickly describe and easily discover multitude of memories through years, locations, persons and meaning;
  • Organize, connect and visualize over the map and on a timeline;
  • Powerful search within locations, events, persons (contacts) and tags (key words);
  • Digital copy of work (business) and personal important documents!

Automatic Memories: Atomatically store today: Phone calls, SMS, Events, Contacts
  • Phone Calls – In/Out/Missed/Rejected (record when and where);
  • SMS – Sent/Received/Content (when and where);
  • New events in your calendar (when the event was created);
  • New/Modified/Deleted contacts in your addressbook.

Web Interface

  • Web interface for powerful memory creation, search and visualize;
  • Explore in different views (timeline, map and tabular) on large screen and comfortable keyboard/mouse of desktop PC;
  • Share single memory or set ot memories - with friends, colleagues - via mail, social networks etc.
  • See example (no need to register)

  • Mail Interface

    • Send mails (to/cc/bcc) to your unique 2Remember address and create memories;
    • Memorize important mails and prove you sent them on time (Because 2Remember records cannot be deleted or modified without a trace).

    Store memories in the cloud: Why Sync

    • Device independence. Ease your life in a world that depends on numerous devices - phones, tablets and computers. Never lose your memories!
    • Use the most convenient device - at work or at home - large screen and comfortable keyboard on desktop PC. On the go – mobile phone or tablet. Access anytime, anywhere;
    • Protect your memories in the event of device loss, damage or theft.

    Proof of Existence (Notarization)

    2Remember gives an opportunity to prove that a memory was created by a specific user before a specific date and has not been changed. So in this way you may "notarize" important document, mail or a set of documents - i.e. business correspondence (meeting memos, offers, contracts, invoices) with a client.

    • Proof of Authorship;
    • Proof Time of creation (before specific date);
    • Proof Irreversibility of documents, memories, sets, business processes;
    • Proof of visit – memorize the meeting location – for example – create meeting memo, take photo, record audio note;
    • Proof of phone call - memorize the call time, status (missed, busy, call made), location and participants;
    • Proof of mail sent – send CC (BCC) of important mails to your unique address.

    Use Cases

    • Meeting and class memos – memorize each sketch, text, picture, audio and text note of your meetings and classes. Share with participants;
    • Take rich format notes;
    • Digital copy of important documents - Shoot images of your: ID cards, licenses, certificates, deeds, warranty cards, insurance policy, contracts, offers etc. Keep them always with you, use or share them if necessary;
    • Improve real estate search with multimedia presentation;
    • Organize trips – keep everything related in a single container – reservations, passports, tickets, insurance;
    • Take audio notes on the go – never miss an idea, add multimedia – text, photos and video;
    • Keep close offers, invoices, customer correspondence and contacts, contracts and everything related to your business activities;
    • Keep bills, invoices, receipts from your holiday and business trips, mileage counters - great for claiming expenses back;
    • Store business cards, street addresses, interesting objects – great if you want to process them later;
    • Keep photos of any prescription medicines you take;
    • Keep food recipes on the go;
    • Memorize and share that bottle of fantastic wine you had in a restaurant;
    • Remember of which floor of a multi-store car park you’re on;
    • Keep the lids of paint tins in case you need to do some touch ups;
    • Recall on time important documents related to your car, home, work - replacing supplies at certain mileage or time; renewal of contracts, insurance and subscriptions.

    2Remember Manifesto

    • Dear customer, we want to help you to keep the important things, to work more easily and live better.
    • We store your data honestly and responsibly without tracking.
    • We use the best industry procedures and technologies to ensure the security of your data.
    • We generate profits by developing our service, not by selling advertising or information about you.

    How to use? Simply and quickly:

      < 10 sec: Less than ten seconds to put all the relevant information!

    • 2Remember automatically determines location and connects current event (if any) from your calendar with the new record;
    • Select participants;
    • Use predefined tags for quick description;
    • Add content: photo, video, audio and text note / notes.
  • More info: Help

  • Memory Set

    Memory sets are dynamic filters which combines memories by various criteria - location, date, people involved, keywords (tags), reason and whatever you choose. Use them to group memories by criteria, show relations between them or visualize entire business process. Examples:

    • Describe a common business process - Memory set which describe the typical process of communication with potential customer (Phone calls, Mails, Meeting notes, Offers, Contracts, Orders, Invoices, etc.) Use the set to monitor and control the progress of the deal, employees involved, tasks, compliance of procedures, document flow etc. Share with all involved.
    • Real estate agency – Memory set which present information about new properties to a customer. Create a set of proposals that meet the client criteria’s. Share the set and show the options - locations, photos, agent notes, specific documents etc. Arrange visits, close the deal, do the paperwork, report the accomplished work (phone calls, meetings, visits etc.), take the money, go to Maldives :-).
  • See example (no need to register)